The Severed Wing, Part III (excerpts)
By Martin Berman-Gorvine, writing as Martin J. Gidron

"...Rabbi Luria and his disciples taught that some of the vessels containing the sefirot, the ten aspects of the Divine, shattered at the time of the Creation, because they were too weak for the light that poured into them; the broken shells or klippot fell to earth and became this dark, evil world that we know. Yet two hundred and eighty-eight sparks of divine light remained trapped within the klippot, and it was Rabbi Luria's belief that these sparks constantly strive to rise and reunite with the Divine, and that most of them have already done so."
"Tikkun olam," I said: the repair of the world.
"Exactly. When all the sparks return to God, this world will be whole again. But," he hesitated, seemed to fumble for words, "something has always troubled me about this idea. If the sparks of divine light are escaping from the klippot and ascending to heaven, that means of course that there are fewer sparks of the Divine left down here. So it follows," he hesitated again, "that as the Time of the Messiah draws steadily nearer, life on earth will get worse, not better."
"It's an old debate," I said quietly, thinking of poor Ryszard and his ever-postponed revolution.
"Exactly. But the increase in evil in the world is just an illusion, don't you see: it seems to be so because as the sparks rise, the Presence of the Divine here on earth is temporarily reduced. Yet this is a mirage. There are no more klippot here on earth than there were before; and when the last of the sparks has escaped them, they will lose their sustenance, and melt away and disappear."
"So you're suggesting..."
"I'm saying that it's possible you have had a vision not granted the rest of us, not even," he faltered for a moment, "not even those of us who have devoted our lives to the sacred mysteries of the Kabbalah. What you may be witnessing is the ascent of the last of the sparks, and the shifting of the klippot in response to it: the last futile attempt of evil to avert the completion of God's plan. Perhaps that is why the people you love seem to be vanishing from your life, from the world, while chaos and evil increase all around you."
Looking back now on that radiant October dawn, I regret that I did not think to ask him the obvious question: how inert broken shells could be endowed with malignancy, so that they could attempt to thwart the will of God. At the time I understood only that, like Ryszard, Eli was gifting me with immense visionary powers; yet I felt more confused and terrified than ever. Somehow I raised my head - it was like shifting Ryszard's boulder of history - and said to Eli: "Help me then. What shall I do?
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