The Europe of The Severed Wing

The map below represents the imaginary Europe of the novel The Severed Wing. In the counterfactual scenario presented in this novel, the United States enters World War I in 1915, two years earlier than it did in reality. This brings the war to a much earlier conclusion, with major consequences for world history.


* The shortened war means much less suffering and death throughout Europe, thus much less bitterness on all sides.
* As a result of this improved atmosphere (relative to actual history), and U.S. pressure, the terms imposed on Germany in the Versailles Treaty are far less punitive than they were in actual history.
* Therefore, the Nazis never come to power in Germany, and World War II in Europe is averted.
* Again thanks to the shortened war and U.S. intervention, the czarist regime is preserved in Russia.
* Poland has to fight a war with Russia to gain its independence (granted in the Versailles Treaty in actual history).
* Germany and Poland become allies, forming the nucleus of a "Warsaw Pact" that opposes the Russian-led "Holy Alliance."
* Revolutions in Hungary and Italy, and a Republican victory in Spain, lead to the creation of a third, Socialist bloc.
* The British and French Empires are preserved, and the U.S. acquires an official empire of its own (as opposed to the unofficial one it has in actual fact!)

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