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After defeating the powerful demon Moloch and ending the horrid custom of human sacrifice in Chatham's Forge, teenagers Amos Ross, Suzie Mitchell, and Vickie Riordan find that freedom is elusive and evil a constant presence in their home town of Chatham's Forge, as the demon Asherah arises and demands her share of blood in the new horror novel, Day of Vengeance, the second of the four-part Days of Ascension series. Buy today in paperback or for your Kindle!

No sooner have our heroines Rachel Zilber and Katie Webb defeated the dastardly King Ares III of Mars and helped their friend good Princess Anya ascend to the Sandstone Throne than they must face an even more dangerous enemy: Da Mayor of Venus "Beppo" Bellissini, a cruel tyrant who has kidnapped Katie's sister Sonya! Can they save her and avert the insidious threat this sinister new villain poses to the very fabric of reality?


Recently published by Silver Leaf Books!

Recently published by Wildside Press!

If a demon and its servants ruled your ordinary town, demanding an annual virgin sacrifice, would you have the courage to stop them? And at what price? This question confronts Amos Ross, Suzie Mitchell, and Vickie Riordan, high school seniors in the new horror novel, All Souls Day, the first of the four-part Days of Ascension series.

"Martin Berman-Gorvine is a master at world building, creating a story that is entirely believable. Even if it is about the rise of the demon Moloch, and the corrupt society that has come together after the nuclear Holocaust... Do yourself a favor and pick this book up. Immediately." - Holly Ann, Charnel House Reviews

"The horror of what was happening was very real and made for a tense and captivating read. I highly recommend this novel to fans of horror." - Sharon Stevenson, author of The Gallows Novels and the After Death Series.

"Dare I say that I saw aspects of Heinlein’s beautiful imaginative prose in Gorvine’s writing? Yes I do say it."--Classic Book Reader

"If you love thought-provoking, intellectual and alternative reality mash-ups then this story will probably be right up your alley." -- Cellar Door Lit Rants & Reviews


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A feminist science fiction anthology featuring Martin's short story, "Of Cats' Whiskers and Klutzes." $13.99 paperback (June 2015)

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Wildside Press, 2013

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Additional Praise for Martin's Work

"Read 36 as a well-written, scarily plausible if-this-goes-on novel. Or read it as a highly intelligent philosophical meditation. But whatever you do, read it." – Harry Turtledove

Seven Against Mars was nominated for the 2014 Prometheus Award for Best Novel.

"Seven Against Mars had me hooked from the first page, and it never let me go. ... Adults should share this with the young readers they know but be certain to keep a copy for themselves."
--Amy Sturgis, Ph.D., award-winning genre scholar, StarShipSofa and Mythgard Institute at Signum University

"I fell hard for the combination of action, humor, strong characters, and reflections on identity and literature."--Katy Kramp,


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