Martin Berman-Gorvine literary works: A summary

(Also writing as Martin J. Gorvine and Martin J. Gidron)

  * The Severed Wing is a novel set in present-day New York, in a counterfactual history in which the Holocaust and World War II never took place. Published by Livingston Press, Fall 2002  
  * The Dictator/Terrorist Facial Hair Quiz  
  * Labor Day Lament  
  * An Island's Devotion: Walking and writing about Assateague Island  
  * I am also the author of numerous short stories, including "Palestina," which appeared in Interzone Issue #204, May/June 2006 and is now the basis for a novel; Ziona, and "The Tallis," which was published in Jewish Currents, May-June 2002; and "The Two Rabbis of Chelm," which appears exclusively on this site.  
  * My poems have appeared in Voices Israel, Jewish Currents, and Dragonfly: East-West Haiku Quarterly, among other publications.  
  * See my takedown of Facebook  
  * See my blog and original political cartoons: current or older cartoons, 2008-2010  
  * See my parodies of the New York Times' front page, NOT THE NEW YORK TIMES  
  * Got Jews on the brain? Take the Shandeh fur de Goyim Quiz or the Anti-Semitism in the News Quiz!  
  * Seen the new Star Trek movie starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as Kirk and Spock? Take the Star Trek Obsession Diagnostic!  
  * Haiku about autumn in the Shenandoah  
  * Check out my parodies of famous works of literature!  
  * See "World O' Slugs", my satirical take on celebrity-crazed twenty-first century America.  
  * See "Rimon Magazine," my satire on the hard-hearted, soft-headed left.  
  * Secret Decoder Ring: A Glossary of Timespeak, the language of the New York Times  
  * How The New York Times Writes an Editorial (satire)  
  * Republique du Mishegaas  


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