The Severed Wing, By Martin Berman-Gorvine

(Writing as Martin J. Gidron)

The Severed Wing is a novel set in present-day New York, in a counterfactual history in which the Holocaust and World War II never took place.

Published by Livingston Press, Fall 2002

The film critic Stanley Kauffmann once wrote in The New Republic that when a new fictional film about the Holocaust appears, "we approach with a thundering 'Why? Why has anyone dared?'" This difficulty of course confronts literature on the subject, too. That literature is primarily concerned with the sufferings of the victims and survivors, or with the minds of the killers; but few writers seem to have grappled with a much more elusive issue: the loss of all that might have existed had the murderers not done their work, and the eternal moral and spiritual damage that the human race suffers as a result.


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