Welcome to Gloria's Gateway Books! Step through that gap in the shelves over there, and Gloria, an eleven-dimensional being who is sometimes a woman, sometimes a cat, and always more than she seems, will carry you to a world where dragons and airships soar above the East Coast, America is the home of the British Empire, and the Bonaparte family rules Europe. Check out her collection of impossible books, atlases, LP records, and other artifacts, and then follow our teenage heroes as they strive to save the noble Draco americanus from extinction while fighting the mightiest empire the world has ever known!

Save the Dragons!
By Martin Berman-Gorvine

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Excerpt from Chapter 1
As well as books, there were shelves of antique vinyl records in their silly oversize cardboard jackets. I picked up a thick boxed set. On the front was an overhead shot of a huge crowd filling an enormous green space between skyscrapers. At the corners were circular photos of four middle-aged men. I giggled at their funny hairstyles. Printed across the top of the box was "THE REUNION. CENTRAL PARK. SEPTEMBER 6, 1983." The cover opened out, like a book, but the liner notes weren’t much help. “Greatest event in the history of rock and roll. The Fab Four come together again!” Yeah, right. Must be someone's idea of a joke...
Copyright © 2013, Martin Berman-Gorvine

Copyright © 2013, Martin Berman-Gorvine