Marketing on the Internet: The trade dives into the surf (excerpt)

By Martin Berman-Gorvine
Israel Diamonds and Precious Stones, September-October 1996
The international computer network known as the Internet has struck many business owners as a powerful marketing tool that can put them in touch with millions of potential customers. Within the Israel diamond industry, too, interest has grown in advertising through the setting up of "sites" ... despite the traditional discretion with which the trade operates, and the fact that most diamond dealers and manufacturers are not engaged in direct marketing to consumers.
Erica Harel, an expert on diamond industry advertising, cautioned against inflated expectations of what can be achieved with the Internet. "For the first few people who are listed, it will be worthwhile. For the first 20 or 50, let's say. But if there are over 100, who will go looking for them?" she said. "Once it becomes overloaded, it may not be worth keeping up expensive web sites."
Most diamantaires saw getting on the Internet as part of an overall sales strategy. "We are just trying to market our goods. It's a marketing strategy, and we will expand it if it works out," said Amish Mehta of R.B. Diamonds, the Israeli office of the international diamond company Rosy Blue.
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